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Windows Vista

Click on the Windows Start/Flag button, then click on "Control Panel"
Click on "Classic View" at the top left of the screen.
Double-click on "Network and Sharing Center".
Click on "Set up a connection or network" on the left side, under Tasks.
Click on "Connect to the Internet" and the click on "Next".
Click on "Dial-up" and then click on "Next".
You now need to enter the settings for your Colosseum dial-up connection. In the "Dial-up phone number" box,
type "4166810302". In the "User name" box, type in your Colosseum User Id. In the "Password" box,
type your Colosseum dial-up password. Make sure that "Remember this password" is checked.
In the "Connection name" box, type "Colosseum Online".
Check that your phone line is connected to your computer, then click on "Connect".
Now you have a new connection to Colosseum and you can connect to the Internet by clicking on Internet Explorer.