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Redundancy Engineered from the Ground Up

We have built our Cloud System from the ground up to be able to withstand multiple failures at the storage, hypervisor, power, and network levels. Along with our 24/7/365 system monitoring in place with a live engineer you can be assured that your Virtual Presence will be available whenever you need it.

Hardware and Software Harmony

Utilizing Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization software, Colosseum Online Inc.'s Virtualization platform can harness the benefits of both industry leaders in one solid environment for you.

Enterprise Level Advanced Storage System with NetApp

Our feature rich storage solution includes NetApp's built in redundant RAID Arrays, Multi-Path IO, NFS protocol, Flexible Volume controls, and snapshot system. This means that your data is going to be safe and sound protected from any sort of disaster.

Redundant Network Infrastructure

Colosseum Online Inc.'s network is powered by Cisco equipment and has been designed for speed, low latency, low hop count with redundant connections and supervisor modules on our core network equipment. Backed by a 99.999% uptime guarantee Colosseum Online Inc.'s time tested network has been our pride since 1994.

Easy to Manage CloudAppCP Control Panel

Our CloudAppCP control panel puts the power of the cloud at your fingertips, the easy to use interface allows you to easily create new VMs, backup existing machines, change firewall rules, create load balanced clusters and so much more. Call us today to set up a demo.