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Colosseum Cloud CDN Services

Using our Cloud Platform gives you an easy way to build a global CDN presence without the overhead of building and maintaining global infrastructure. With simple billing and easy set up through our control panel the Cloud CDN provides an easy way to gain a global web presence in just a few clicks. Combine the Cloud CDN with our fast Cloud Virtual Servers to give your users a blazing fast online experience every time.

What can I do with a CDN?

Our Content Delivery Network speeds up the load time of your web content for visitors from all over the world by allowing them to retrieve the content from a local network rather than one several continents away. You can put static HTML or CSS files, images, videos and much more on our 'Edge' servers located all around the world. Then using Anycast DNS, when the clients browser hits your website it locates the closest Edge server and downloads the files it needs from there instead of your 'origin' web server. This can mean a page that might load in 10 seconds, will appear in under 1 second which greatly increases usability and search result rankings.

How does it work?

Integration of CDN services into your existing website is easy, plus we are available 24/7 to assist you. All you need to do is specify where the web content is using our control panel and the software does the rest. Just change the DNS servers for the domain and you are ready to go! We automatically start caching your popular content as visitors to your website request it, you don't need to do anything. You can even purge old content from the system using our easy to navigate our control panel.

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