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Working in the cloud offers many benefits for you and your organization, but working with Colosseum Online allows you to work with our 17 years of experience and some of the industry's most cutting edge technology backed up by 24/7/365 in-house Canadian technical support. Colosseum Online Inc. owns and staffs its own datacenter in Canada. This allows us to provide the reliable, consistent service our customers have come to expect from Colosseum Online Inc.

Our virtual private datacenter product is on a cloud using high-end redundant hardware, including the enterprise-class Cisco UCS platform and NetApp storage. Our quality hardware and sophisticated management software create a reliable, flexible, and easy to operate virtualization environment.

With our virtual private data center product you get a pool of resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.) and can easily deploy new servers by choosing the amount of resources you need and dividing them among as many virtual servers as you want. Flexible billing options allow you to purchase computing power when you need it and return it when you do not.

Benefits of Colosseum Online Inc. Cloud Virtual Private Data Center:

Colosseum Online Inc.'s Virtual Private Datacenter (VPDC) product allows a wide variety of organizations to take advantage of our Cloud infrastructure. The benefits of our VPDC product are that it gives you the freedom to build the virtual network that fits your needs and allows you to adapt as those needs evolve.

Small & Medium Businesses

Colosseum Online Inc.'s VPDC offers scalability to grow as you do. Making guesses at how much to provision can be a real headache for many businesses out there. With Colosseum Online Inc. virtualization you pay for what you need and if the demand is greater you can add more resources with the simple click of a button through our CloudAppCP Control Panel.

With the affordability of our virtual infrastructure you can easily set up all of the IT resources many companies cannot afford. Running multiple servers no longer carries the burden of purchasing additional hardware or worrying about networking devices.

Security and Disaster Protection is built in, to keep your data and business safe.

Information Technology Pros

Enterprise level security implemented from the ground up ensures that your and your customers' data is safe.

Colosseum Online Inc.'s cloud offers flexibility to allow you to provide secure development, testing and production environments with the click of a button. With a large range of pre-built templates you can create new environments to test every variable.

99.999% uptime is GUARANTEED, to keep your network accessible 24/7/365.

New Businesses & Start-ups

Our simple and friendly CloudAppCP Control Panel allows anyone to quickly set up their own server without the need for a dedicated IT staff on hand.

Convenient monthly payment options and hourly charges for resources used above the monthly allowance make it easy to pay only for what you use.

Partnerships with Industry leading organizations like Cisco and NetApp allow Colosseum Online Inc. to bring superior performance to keep your virtual servers running at lightening-fast speeds.

Educational Facilities

With the Flexibility of our Virtual Private Datacenter product computer labs can expand or decrease in size as the class does.

The easy backup and template system in place allows administrators to create a wide variety of working environments for any class work.

Centralized access is available 24/7/365 so staff and students can work from anywhere, in a safe and secure environment.


Colosseum Online Inc. Cloud Hosting simplifies setting up and maintaining servers, so you can focus your time on designing.

Performance and uptime are GUARANTEED, to keep even the more demanding websites up and running smoothly.

Flexible monthly billing keeps your accounting simple so you can focus on your clients' needs.

It's easy to set up virtual environments to test new projects under multiple operating systems and browsers.

Research and Development

Our CloudApp Control Panel is simple, straightforward, and lightening fast to deliver your data when and where you need it most.

Security is built into the system at every level to keep information safe.

Our hardware is selected together to optimize performance, reliability, and accessibility.


Colosseum Cloud Hosting offers the flexibility to add more resources when your blog goes viral so it can still be lightening fast to load.

Reliability is GUARANTEED so your faithful readers will always be able to get their daily dose of information.

Easy-to-set-up templates are available that have everything you need pre-installed so you can have your website up and running in no time.

Colosseum Online Inc.'s cloud provides simple-to-manage backup schedules, so if disaster strikes your site will be back in no time.

Combine our Cloud offerings with our Content Delivery Network to ensure your website loads in seconds anywhere in the world.