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CDN Services Agreement

Customer shall not use, nor shall it permit others to use, the Services:

Customer further agrees that it shall not, nor shall it permit others to:

If Customer, or a third party through Customer, violates any of the foregoing prohibitions, Colosseum Online Inc. may immediately suspend the Services and/or terminate the Services Agreement without further liability or obligation to Customer. Customer's rights to use the Services are non-exclusive, non-transferable and subject to compliance with these terms and conditions. As between Colosseum Online Inc. and Customer, all intellectual property and proprietary rights relating to the Services, including but not limited to any specifications, protocols, IP addresses, configurations and routing data related to the Services, belong solely and exclusively to Colosseum Online Inc. Customer shall reproduce and include any of the Colosseum Online Inc. proprietary notices on any whole or partial copy of the Colosseum Online Inc. intellectual property or confidential information, regardless of the media on which such copy is made.

UPDATED: February, 2011