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Benefits of a Red Hat Subscription

The Value of the Subscription

Stable. Secure. Scalable. Red Hat subscriptions provide enterprise-ready solutions that can be confidently deployed to manage even your most mission-critical applications.

It's More Than Just Software and Support

A Red Hat subscription lets customers leverage Red Hat's unique position in the open source development community and our strong industry relationships. Through these relationships, Red Hat combines industry and community innovation with Red Hat platform products, aligning customer and partner roadmaps. This lets customers deploy the more-manageable and lower-cost IT infrastructure that's demanded of them.

Therefore All Red Hat Subscriptions:

  • Deliver the latest enterprise software, including security, bug fixes, and enhancements for any supported version.
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI) by incorporating new features without compromising the stability of APIs and ABIs.
  • Provide up to 10 years of support and maintenance for any release.
  • Enable supported solutions as a direct result of Red Hat's vendor relationships, leading to certifications for hardware and software.
  • Give the customer the ability to influence technology and industry innovation through Red Hat's unique open source community contributions and partner ecosystem.we listen to our customers!
  • Entitle in the Red Hat Open Source Assurance program, which helps safeguard customers developing and deploying open source solutions from legal harm.

Read more about the Red Hat subscription model and its benefits in the Value of a Red Hat Subscription Overview (PDF)