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RHEL Desktop

  • Security
  • Easy Management
  • Interoperability
  • Productivity Applications
  • Everything Just Works
  • Pricing
Tight Security
We make it easy to secure a desktop deployment against external and internal threats. Building on the Linux reputation for being a highly secure operating system, Red Hat has developed a layered defense scheme for keeping desktops secure, featuring:
  • More secure applications.
  • Protection against commonly exploited security flaws, like buffer overflows integrated in the standard software stack.
  • The highest-grade protection via the SELinux security feature, protecting system services from attacks, offering full transparency, and making it easy to extend and adopt.
  • Smart card authentication support.
Easy Management

A simple, rapidly deployable tool lets system administrators manage a complex, geographically dispersed desktop deployment from a single web-based console. And Red Hat Network lets them remotely update, group, deploy, and provision desktop systems.

Whether it's 10 or 10,000 desktop systems, the system administration effort is the same, freeing up some of your desktop personnel for other projects.


The applications bundled with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop are interoperable with Microsoft formats. Plus Red Hat includes other technologies that let your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop plug and play in a Microsoft-centric environment.

Productivity Applications Included

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop includes the most popular desktop applications for no additional charge. Fully featured and with intuitive interfaces, these applications keep your users productive with little need for retraining.

And all of these applications are interoperable with their Microsoft counterparts. This means you can create, view, and edit Microsoft-formatted documents or email messages, leveraging the investments you've already made.

Everything Just Works

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop was designed to create an effortless user experience where everything just works. This involves major improvements to:

  • tools
  • The Firefox browser
  • Networking
  • Laptop Support
  • Peripheral Support
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia

All of this ensures that your users are more productive with little or no retraining.


Pricing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is based on the Support level, and the user level (Desktop or Workstation).

A yearly subscription license for Red Hat Enterprise Linux starts at just $49.00/year, you can view available Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions here.

You can read more about the subscription model and service levels here.