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High speed DSL Internet service works over a traditional copper phone line. However, even if you don't have a traditional phone line, you can still get Colosseum Online Inc.'s DSL service over a dry loop.

A dry loop is a normal copper phone line, but without phone service. This dry loop can be used for any of our normal (PPPoE) DSL Internet services.

The monthly price for a dry loop varies depending on where you are located, and is in addition to the monthly price for the DSL service.

You can use the Dry Loop Lookup Tool below to see how much it would cost for a dry loop where you are.*

Dry Loop Lookup Tool

Please enter your area code and the first 3 digits of a phone number for a normal phone line at your address. If you don't have a normal phone line, you can use a phone number that used to be at your address.

If you don't know a phone number that used to be at your address, you can try the phone number of a very close neighbour on the same side of the street as you to get a general idea of the price for dry loop in your area.

Area code and first 3 digits of number:
For example, if your number is 416-739-7873, enter 416739 in the box.

*Prices are provided as a guide only and are subject to change. Please Contact Us to confirm pricing.