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Our facilities feature a variety of physical configurations to host mission-critical equipment. Clients have the choice between our Managed, Self-managed, or Shared services. Regardless of the configuration, all clients colocated within our facilities enjoy the highest level of network performance and access to top level Internet bandwidth.

Server colocation can often be a cost-effective way to get your business off the ground and online fast. As your business and competition grows, dealing with the costs and complexities of maintaining your own server and network infrastructure can become a costly and time consuming endeavor.

Dedicated Managed Servers

The key benefits of a managed dedicated server solution is that it provides you with the hardware as well as access to a highly trained Internet server technician that takes care of all of your server needs. Let Colosseum Online Inc. set up your customer virtual accounts, install customer software, and provide you with the technical support you need to build and manage your business network.

Dedicated Self-Managed Servers

Self-Managed dedicated server solutions are preferred among organizations with their own administrators, and the requirement to operate their servers remotely.

Self-managed dedicated server solutions provide the customer with the hardware, software and network infrastructure they need. Your staff controls the content and administration of your servers, while Colosseum Online Inc.'s engineers assist you with monitoring and maintaining your hardware around-the-clock. This means that you can rest-assured that your online business is always running.

Dedicated Shared Servers

Dedicated shared server solutions from Colosseum Online Inc. offers the power, performance, and features you need, without the unnecessary costs or complications of running your own server. The shared server solution gives the customer a perfect package to start an online venture. As your business grows, migrating to a managed or unmanaged solution becomes a much simpler task.