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Bandwidth is the rate at which information travels over the Internet and is basically the lifeline of your Internet presence. The more bandwidth you have, the faster your information can travel to your clients. The greater the speed the more customers you can serve simultaneously.

Bandwidth requirements fluctuate based on usage and information traffic. Colosseum Online Inc.'s Colocation Services offers you two options for acquiring bandwidth.

Usage-Based Bandwidth

With usage-based bandwidth, you are billed by the amount of data that is moved within a specific time period, giving you a reliable way to track your bandwidth usage. Choose from our numerous usage-based packages which allow you to improve your business while saving you money. Upgrade to a higher package as your business grows or simply switch to a dedicated-based bandwidth package for cost effectiveness when you have outgrown your current package.

Dedicated-Based Bandwidth

With dedicated-based bandwidth, you are billed according to the minimum committed rate of connection speed you choose. This option is designed to provide bandwidth on-demand - giving you the availability to burst at times when your Internet traffic is the heaviest. Dedicated-based bandwidth allows for short-term traffic spikes without compromising site performance.

Colosseum Online Inc.'s dedicated-based bandwidth package is a burstable access, which uses the "sustained usage" formula to determine the monthly access rate. At the end of each month of service, based on readings taken every 5 minutes, which are placed in ascending order, the 95th percentile is determined as the "sustained usage rate".

You can try Colosseum Online Inc.'s Bandwidth Calculator to compare Usage-based transfer and Dedicated rates of connection speed.