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Colosseum Online Inc.'s network is directly connected via multi-gigabit fiber links to several Tier-1 providers. We do not purchase any resold or aggregated transit from sub-par providers. As a result you and your end customers experience fast pings, and fast, reliable downloads. The network is completely burstable and provides room for growth to even the most popular sites on the Internet.

We take quality one step further with the introduction of the Internap FCP & FCR devices into our network. All carriers give us their full internet routing table and we process this information using the FCP & FCR devices to do constant performance analysis and round-trip measurement from our network across every one of our carriers to the 50,000 highest traffic routes surfing Colosseum.

Redundant Design

The Colosseum Network was engineered from the ground up as a multi-homed network for maximum reliabilty. The network backbone is directly connected via dedicated fiber multi-gigabit links to such premium providers as GTT, Bell, and Cogent. In the event that one of the providers fails, traffic is automatically routed through another available provider.

Network Monitoring

The Colosseum network is monitored around the clock to prevent unforseen events. If a switch or router does fail, you can rest assured that our network engineers are on the scene, working to remedy the problem.

BGP4 Routing

Using the Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP4), Colosseum ensures that packets are delivered to and from your servers using the fastest possible route. In the event of any link failure, the redundant design of the protocol ensures that packets are routed using an alternative path and your customers are still able to visit your site.