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Benefits of using thin clients cloud virtualization

Why Use Thin Clients and Virtual Desktops?

Centralized Management for All Users

Data and applications now only need to be centrally located and managed on the server. This centralization eliminates the often extensive maintenance of software on individual desktop workstations. You will save time, money and headaches and be able to concentrate on using your IT for its true purpose - supporting strategic business tasks.

Virus Protection

Put a stop to annoying and dangerous computer viruses and malware. With thin clients, viruses, worms and trojans can't infect your desktops because they have read-only operating systems. Instead of having to protect each and every client in your network, you only have to safeguard the central server. You will be able to positively close any security gaps. Each end user will also have easy to manage centralized backups of their critical data so restoration and recovery is quick and easy for virtualized desktop environments.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Thin client solutions help to achieve sustained, permanent cuts in IT costs. Not only does system management, maintenance and support become much more economical, but the extra expense involved in purchasing new PCs will also be eliminated because of the lower initial costs of acquiring thin clients and their longer service lives.

Flexible Access to Your Data

Locate and use your data where it.s really needed. With thin client solutions, you.ll quickly and easily be able to integrate internal company departments, branch offices, other external locations and home-based workstations. You.ll also enjoy immediate access to your individual work environment. Furthermore, thin clients will allow you to readily access different server platforms such as Windows, Citrix, Linux, Unix and older, legacy host applications.

Customizable Profiles

Finally, all employees can have an IT workstation that is customized to fit their specific tasks and needs. Users are always able to access the latest applications and tools that they need for their work. Time-consuming user problems due to locally installed applications and data loss due to locally saved files are now both a thing of the past.

High Availability for Everyone

With thin clients, your company network will be fast and highly available. That.s because all applications run centrally on a stable server system. At the same time, you.ll enjoy an increase in available bandwidth since only screen content, keyboard commands and mouse clicks are transmitted between clients and the server.

Compact, Silent Devices

Thin clients are small and space-saving, and they don't contain any parts sensitive to wear. That.s why they offer much longer service lives. What.s more, without cooling fans and hard drives, thin clients emit none of the background noise common to PCs.

Power-Saving and Eco-Friendly

With a power consumption level of about 10 W per device, thin clients need only a fraction of the energy required by conventional PCs. Their long service life, smaller size, lack of hard drives and other types of drive devices also lowers the amount of electronic scrap (e-waste) that accumulates when they are eventually removed from service and disposed of.