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Igel Management Suite

Igel Universal Management Suite for Virtual Servers Hosting

Universal Management Suite (UMS) for Igel

The Universal Management Suite (UMS) is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software that allows you to remotely manage your Igel thin clients so that support costs are kept to a minimum. It is extremely open and network friendly so that it can fit into your organizations existing infrastructure.

The best part is that the Igel UMS is bundled free with every Igel product purchase!

Typical Uses

  • Automatically setting up thin clients with the right profile when they first attach to the network
  • Changing the settings of the device or its local protocols and software tools
  • Re-imaging devices mid-life when new firmware becomes available, diagnostics and support

Igel thin clients together with the Igel Universal Management Suite (UMS) deliver a unique zero client experience. The result is fully automated, rule based deployment combined with advanced policy based configuration management to achieve zero on-going administrative effort. Igel delivers zero clients without compromise; the flexibility of full native client support for all leading virtualisation technologies, advanced security features and free on-going support and updates. Using the Appliance Mode the clients will fast and directly boot into the VDI sessions like Citrix HDX, VMware View and Microsoft VDI. For you this means zero configuration. A zero client the Igel way. Try it out yourself right now, it's all free with any Igel software or hardware based thin client solution.


Igel Universal Management Suite 4 sets the benchmark for the management of modern thin clients. It has a host of features that ensures extremely easy, fast, and secure management of large groups of thin clients with lots of local protocol clients and software tools spread over large WANs. Supporting a variety of operating systems, databases and directory services like Microsoft Active Directory, the Universal Management Suite is easy to integrate into every environment. A complete and complimentary version of the Igel Universal Management Suite is bundled with every Igel product. When combined with the outstanding Igel hardware, you have the most advanced thin client solution on the market today.

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