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The easiest way to fix this problem is to disable the "Use country code and area code" option under dial-up networking. To do this follow instructions 1 and 2, of the above documentation.

Once you've done that, you will see your dial-up networking icons. Click on the one you want to change with the right mouse button once. Select the "Properties" button with the left button. This will take you into the "Properties Window". In the properties window you will see the check box that reads "Use country code and area code". Click the check box so that it looks like Fig 2.2.

If the area you are calling from requires you to dial the area code but it is not long distance, put the area code before the phone number in their "Telephone number" field. Click the "OK" button once and now that profile will not dial 1 plus the area code before the number.

Refer to Fig 2.1

Refer to Fig 2.2

If you experience difficulties making the changes please contact Support at 416.739.SURF(7873), or by email at