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Guidelines for Submitting Complaints about Abusive Usenet or Web Forum Users on Moderated Discussion Groups.

We receive relatively few complaints about abuse on the Usenet or in Web forums, and when there is a dispute it is usually due to lack of information. As we have grave concerns about censorship on the Internet, particularly on the Usenet, we generally decline to intervene. There must be a clear violation of the law, or a grievous abuse of the Usenet (such as spamming, or cross-posting to numerous unrelated newsgroups). In the case of moderated or private Web forums or discussion groups, we maintain that moderators either possess the tools to enforce their own guidelines, or should be responsible for obtaining such tools. Web forums can be easily password-protected to lock out objectionable participants.

Please keep in mind the following concerns when sending complaints

  • Include a copy of the objectionable material with full headers.
  • Include the URLs for your guidelines, Terms of Service, or a copy of the mission statement or charter, and the name and e-mail address of the moderator.
  • Send the complaint only to

Please do not e-mail our technical support or corporate officers. When complaints are directed to multiple addresses, our response time is often delayed as the different messages bounce from department to department before reaching the abuse administrator. Occasionally there will be no response because two different departments will assume that one of the others has directed the message to

If the abuse involves threatening behavior or there is no response from after five days, please contact, and include copies of your correspondence.

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